How to Sleep Better As A New Parent

For most people, deep sleep is quite difficult. In fact, according to the CDC, in 2016 35% of Americans reported not getting enough sleep every night. It doesn’t even affect the quality of their sleep.

Add a little carpet mouse to the mixture and you tend to lose sleep for 6 months in the first 2 years of your child’s life. So, don’t worry about feeling tired as a new parent, that’s normal!

Knowing that you don’t get enough sleep even if you don’t help. Sleep deprivation has been linked to physical and mental health problems that over time can worsen and cause family problems, weight gain, irritability and depression (just to name a few).

The problem then becomes how do you sleep better, not just more?

Adjust mood

Focus on where it all happened. Make your bedroom a paradise of days where you and your partner can go for only two things: sleep, and sex!

By associating your bedroom with just these two things, you will be able to focus on your fatigue and ease yourself into sleep at the end of the day.

Your environment must be calm and cool. If you need a little sound then something low, consistent and calm can help. They must also be as far as possible without electronics. Besides being a constant distraction at the end of the day, they have been shown to hurt your sleep.

Escape the Day

You have managed to set a strict sleep routine for your child, but you still have a few things to do. It’s time to focus on yourself.

Set your bed routine for yourself. Make sure you can relax starting today.

Try to avoid alcohol. You may feel asleep faster, but your overall sleep can be disrupted. Stay with snacks and avoid screen time. Even though you might need some type of escape, try reading, playing games, or arranging your to-dos for the next day.


It is not only the work of a mother to assume all the responsibilities for a newborn baby. Find ways to divide the burden. This includes giving dinner and assignments before going to bed.

Sleeping longer can help you sleep better. So, if you can divide the night into shifts by passing the baby monitor from side to side, then you and your partner might be able to enjoy a few extra hours that can do wonders!

Get Physical

Wake up and be active is the key. Even if a toddler can make you tired, it doesn’t have to be the same as regulating exercise routines.

The benefits of exercise have been well documented. But the focus area is how it gives you energy during the day and helps you fall asleep faster at the end of the day.

It doesn’t have to be any specific (weight training, running, etc.), any physical activity can help. What you want to avoid is to make your heart rate too close to bedtime. Even though you may feel tired after running late at night, your body will not be ready to relax.

Search for Help

Although this can mean asking for doctor’s advice (which is a viable option), we mean specifically finding the right sleep aid for you. Sound machines, eye masks, chamomile tea can all help you sleep well.

Follow a few of these tips and start a better night’s sleep!

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