Parents Are Known To Be The Best Coaches!

In the lives of our children, we are the first to be there, and most likely the latter is not there. We are the best coaches of our children because we are their parents and we are always there for them. Besides that, no one can love them like us, no matter how good their intentions are.

We train our children about how to eat, walk and use the bathroom, and how to leave a safe home environment and go to an unknown kindergarten. We train our children before, during and after their soccer matches. During their matches; some of us train as parents cheering and supportive from the audience, and some of us as coaches who demand on the side of the team. We all train in cars before and after their matches.

We are role models for how to successfully navigate this great great world. We are our child’s paradigm. So, every one of us, parents, must continue to strive to be a better and better example that our children will not only imitate but eventually be imitated. If one day they imitate us, and finally even faint us, then I will say that we did a pretty good job in training them, right?

In essence, we train our children for a better life by creating memories with them. In the future, when our children are at the crossroads, they will rethink their lives and all the memories of those we help create. The things we do with them and the memories we create with them will give them the strength to advance once again to the unknown. This will allow them to continue to grow as they did when we took them to the first day of their kindergarten many years ago.

Now, as my grandfather always said, “Go study, lead, and put the road to a better world for all of us.” Remember that we are the best coaches of our children. And once again parents, thank you in advance for everything you do, and everything you will do …

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