Self-Motivation in Your Little One

Do you find your child less enthusiastic about playing with his friends? Does he seem to be alone with you about other things? Did you find that he also deteriorated in his studies? If you nod as an affirmation, then there is a high chance that your little one is less self-motivated.

Self motivation is the key that leaves a big impression on how your little one paces back and forth in his daily life. From doing well in the curriculum to building good habits, self-motivated children can do wonders with their lives. Motivation occurs naturally until the age of seven, but until it reaches this age group a child observes his surroundings and always learns something new. However, after the age of seven, he must be able to motivate himself.

Even though self motivation is a deep process and varies from child to child, as a parent, you can always motivate and encourage your child to develop his ability to do better and better. Here’s how you can do it:

Stay Positive

Even if he fails at something, always thinks of the effort he does rather than nagging about things he doesn’t master. If there is a problem, try to be compassionate and find a solution. You will immediately see these positive views and behaviors reflected in your little daughter.

Appreciating efforts

Instead of just saying ‘good work’ for everything, take the time to rethink how you want to appreciate all the good things he does. For example, if he shares his toys with friends, you can acknowledge his good behavior by completing, “Your friends will enjoy and feel very happy when you share your toys with them”. This will motivate your charming daughter to always behave well and do good in other aspects of her life.

Tackle failure

Tell your little bundle of your excitement that sometimes losing is okay. What is important is the effort and what he learns from failure in that case in the first step. This trait gracefully accepts defeat and moves away from setbacks will prove to be very beneficial later in life.

Adoption of Learning Styles

When certain subjects are difficult to learn for your child, you can encourage learning by developing their interests. Suppose if he likes to make cakes, you can teach him the concept of measurement by teaching him how to measure ingredients. This will teach him about size, volume, and density without making it look like a burdensome math lesson.

Build Self-Esteem

When he believes in himself, every difficult mountain can be moved easily. Building positive self-esteem will open the way to building self-esteem. Help your little one to build self-esteem and believe in himself, then there will not be one thing that he thinks is impossible to achieve. You can always try to see what he likes the most and how he understands the right from the wrong.


Like other parents in the world, you also want your little one to succeed in school and later in his life as an adult. Arrange your child on the road to success by instilling self motivation. Always encourage your beautiful princess to go beyond the limits and achieve great. This is an important skill needed for whatever he chooses to do in his life!

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