Steps to Becoming A Great Dad

Be a Protector

As a father, one of our primary responsibility is to protect our children. We do not just have to do our best to ensure their safety but also their future. To illustrate, you can create a home-child-proof you, along with teaching them the proper safety habits by asking them tie each time they are in a motor vehicle. Of course, financial protection is also important, so why do you need to have life insurance, an emergency fund, wills and trusts, etc. By protecting your assets, you basically protect your child’s future.

Always Put Their Interests

One of the hardest things to do is put your child’s interests above interests. For most new parents, it is very difficult to put things that they enjoy and love on the backburner. This means that if you drink or smoke, you need to stop because both of them are not good for them. Remember, you can not take care of him if you do not take care of themselves first (ie. Eat healthy, exercise, etc.).

Needless to say, you do not need to submit all your life when you become a father. Everyone needs time alone and being a father is no different. So, although it is important to prioritize your child’s interests, it is also important that you give a little time to yourself occasionally to go out with friends. By allocating one day a week to do something healthy, like playing golf with friends, you will live a more balanced life that will ultimately help you become a better father.

Spend Quality Time and Teach Them All You Can

To teach your children, you should spend as much time as possible with them. So, when you get home from work and are tired, don’t just relax because this is the only time you can spend with your child during the workday. Instead, use this free time to find out how their day has passed, what they have learned, and you can also tell them how your day went and what you have learned.

I also highly recommend that you use this time to teach them important life skills, such as reading, writing, math, finance, self-esteem, self-confidence, entrepreneurship, etc. Make it a game and more importantly, make it fun because every child wants to play and have fun.

Weekends are no different. If there are, you have to spend more time with them on weekends because most people don’t work during this time. You can take a family trip together by going to the park or enjoying a pleasant relaxing picnic on the beach.

Remember, the thing most kids want from their fathers is their time !!!

Take care of Mother

Things that are traditionally considered a “mother’s duty” are not only for mothers anymore. Today, fathers also have to share responsibilities – from feeding, changing diapers, bathing, to swinging your child to sleep in the middle of the night.

By sharing responsibility, you not only take care of your mother and help her tremendously, but also the right time to bond with your child. So, instead of complaining that you have to help during a sporting event, you have to jump on the opportunity to do these things because that’s how you build a lifelong relationship with your children.

Of course, caring for a mother is not limited to these tasks. You can also give it a massage; help with homework; or invite a mother on a date to show her how much you appreciate everything she has done.
How you treat their mothers not only affects their self-esteem, but also how they treat themselves and other women. By remembering this, you may not fight with him in front of them, nor can you contradict the mother because it only causes more confusion. Instead, do your best to be kind, respectful, and love their mother and ALWAYS work as a team.

Unconditional love

Most importantly, fathers must show unconditional love and affection for their children. Children need physical contact from both parents so you have to huddle with them, hug them, and love them unconditionally.
In the words of William Shakespeare … “That is a wise father who knows his own son.”

I have no doubt that by following all the tips listed above, you will not only get to know your child better but also be a great father in parallel and create many beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

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